Once a month each of our classes meet with Reverend Barb, St. James Church’s rector.  In this class Reverend Barb provides a lesson with a special theme.  She includes bible stories at a preschool level and fosters the childrens love of God. During their first visit to the chapel each child has an opportunity to ring the church bell.  This is something many of our alumni remember about their preschool experience.

Gym Class

Once a month a representative from Stretch-N-Grow provides a fun and interactive gym class.  The instructor is a certified youth fitness specialist who supplies their own developmentally appropriate equipment.  Each class focuses on different muscles and healthy eating habits.


Field Trips

Throughout the school year our classes participate in several field trips.  Our school-wide trips include Solly farms, Churchville nature center, Langhorne fire house, and Core Creek park.  The individual classes also visit a pretzel factory, Lowe’s, Langhorne Library and Uno Pizzeria and Grill.  All transportation is provided by parents/guardians.